OK, so the big plan was Jeri and I were going to get together and cover the CMA's.  Oh sure, it would have been nice to be able to actually travel to Nashville and cover them from there but the budget was pretty tight.  (Last time I checked my wallet was full of empty gum wrappers and an old dollar bill I have had since I can't remember.)  So then Jeri and I got this bright idea that we would host a watch party!  Well, we got busy doing something else and forgot to plan it.  (Actually, I thought she was planning it and I would just show up.)  Then the next idea was to get together at Jeri's house and we could watch them together sitting on the sofa in our jammies.  Jeri took me by her house one day and her dog Cooper tried to kill me so I'm not going back there.  Well that and the thought of seeing Jeri in her jammies was just too much for me to handle so...I am at home, sitting on the sofa, wearing my jammies and Jeri is at her home, sitting on the sofa and I don't want to know what she is wearing... and we are going to keep you up to date on the CMA's right here!

So join us right here tonight as we share our thoughts about what everyone is saying, wearing, singing, and winning!  You can even comment below!  See ya' at 7pm!


OK, I'm so ready to go home and start watching.  Did you fill out our poll.  You have until 6:59pm to complete it.


Critter from Z94 just came in to predict that Blake Shelton is going to be the big winner tonight.  Believe it or not he knows a lot about country music even though he's a metal head.

They started without me.  :(



OK, give me a minute to catch up!  David DVRd it for me.  First, not too crazy about Carrie's dress but the Faith Hill/TimMcGraw dolls were hilarious.  Single of the year goes to:  The Band Perry, If I Die Young

Oh, hang on...Miranda's up.  Gotta watch this.  She looks great!

07:30 pm:  Song of the Year....

If I Die Young - The Band Perry!  David just asked a great question.  What is the difference between Single and Song?  Anyone know?  You can comment below.

07:37 pm:

Zac Brown Band is AWESOME and to include Gregg Allman...that's just, oh do I dare say it?  EPIC!  Have you noticed how much weight Zac has lost?  I <3 the Zac Brown Band!  What is your favorite Zac Brown song?  Is Christian Bush from Sugarland playing with them?  It is!

07:46 pm:

Vocal Duo of the Year goes to....(who the heck is The Civil Wars anyway?).  SUGARLAND!!!  WOOT!

08:05 pm:

Luke Bryan performing.  He's HOT!  Just sayin'!  What did you think of Taylor's song?  And what are we on outfit #3 already for Carrie.?  Wait a minute...is that bling I see on Luke's jeans?  Really? Jeri got distracted there for a minute...."OOH -- Shiney!".

08:19 pm:

Album of the Year goes to....(I'm going with Jason Aldean) And the winner is...Jason Aldean!  It had to go to him it was in the top 5 for FOREVER!  I am so happy for him.  How cute is he?

8:34 pm:

Jeri and I both agree...we LOVE Lionel Richie.  I can't wait to get his CD of country duets.  I remember listening to Lionel in the 80's.  NICE.... Jeri is having technical difficulties at home.  Oh heck, who am I kidding, she is trying to post from her dumb phone.  Jeri doesn't have a smart phone.

OH YEAH!  A new Alvin and the Chipmunks movie!  I can't wait.   (Oh I know...SQUIRREL).

08:49 pm:

The Band Perry performing All Your Life.  I really like this song.


08:51 pm

Vocal Group of the Year goes to...(oh please Zac Brown Band).  And the winner is...LADY ANTEBELLUM.  Really?  Gee that was a total surprise. (sarcasm).

08:55 pm

Jennifer Nettles and Matt Nathansen!  Jennifer has the most amazing vocals!  AWESOME!


09:02 pm

Brad and Carrie are performing Remind Me but did the announcer just say "together for the first time on national television?"  Oh Oh, they need to turn up Carrie's microphone.  That's what I hate about these award shows.  The sound is always an issue.

09:06 pm

New Artist of the Year (I'm going with Eric Church).  And the winner is.....WHAT?  Are you kidding?  The Band Perry.

09:08 pm

Scotty McCreery performing.  I love his voice I just can't believe how young he is.  I like that these younger artists are bringing some of the country back to country music.  I think I have several pairs of shoes older than him.

09:17 pm

Had to plug in the lap top.  Jason Aldean performing Tattoos on the Town.  Oh I wish he would have performed Dirt Road Anthem.  I like that song and David doesn't. So, since he didn't perform the song I wanted him to perform I'll post the video instead.  :)

09:20 pm

Male Vocalist of the Year.  I'm going with Blake Shelton.  And the Winner is....BLAKE SHELTON!  WOOT!  I knew it!  It's gonna be there night.  Miranda will get female vocalist you'll see.

09:23 pm

Oh I love this song.  Martina McBride performing I'm Gonna Love You Through It.

09:30 pm

Oh, I can feel the tears starting.  It's really sad what is happening to Glen Campbell but what I really like is the fact that he is pushing through it and doing that one last concert.  Oh, they just showed him singing along sitting next to his beautiful wife.  Keith, Brad and Vince.  WOW!  Poor Keith, this is his last performance before vocal surgery.  Our thoughts and prayers are with him as well.  Oh what a beautiful tribute to a country music icon.  3 of the best guitar players in the world!  Glen Campbell Music

WHAT!  They just cut him off?  Are you kidding me?  OK I can't believe they did that!

I caught him on an episode of Ellen and was just really touched by their conversation and his performance.  Here it is.

09:46 pm

Female Vocalist of the Year.  I'm going with Miranda Lambert.  And the winner is....MIRANDA LAMBERT!  YES!!!! She has been on fire this year.  I really liked her Revolution CD.  I'm not ready to comment on her new CD "Four the Record".  I am sharing my favorite song from her last CD.  I lost my Dad shortly after this song came out.  My Dad was a carpenter and built the house I was raised in.  This song brings a flood of memories back every time I hear it but, isn't that why we all love country music; we can relate to the songs?

09:55 pm

Entertainer of the Year.  I'm going with Brad Paisley.  And the winner is....WHAT?  Taylor Swift?  OK, yes, she sold out a lot of stadiums and that is what got it for her.  She definitely has the younger vote.

Well, that was fun.  Thanks for hanging out with me tonight.  I don't know what the heck happened to Jeri.  Yes I do, she doesn't have a working computer at home and Clay took his lap top home tonight.

What was  your favorite part about the CMA awards tonight?