"Oh, say can you see by the dawn's early light ?"  How many times have you heard these lyrics and stopped and stood at attention?  How many times have you just wished the song would end so the event could start or you could go about your business?

Well if I live to be 100 I will still stop for the song.  Why?  It is 'our' National Anthem.  Words we have had instilled into us since the earliest days of school. 
Yes school.  Now it seems that there is a school that wants to ban that very song before sporting events.  What?
Goshen College in Indiana is nixing the National Anthem before sporting events because some of the individuals there complain that it glorifies war.  Bah humbug. 
That song as old as it is still is a symbol of our country and for all of the hell that we have gone through over the years.  Glorifies war?  We were at war when the song was written.  Maybe some of the staff or members of the school's board never served in 'our' armed forces and know the deep feeling you get when you hear that song.  Or the chills it sends up your spine when it is played for a fallen hero. 
OK.  So you are a pacifist school.  What do you play or plan on playing ?  Is your entire student body against? 
 I am a retired Sailor that feels it should be played.  Sporting events, and other activities as well.  Like it or not it is still "Our National Anthem."