Today's classic country song is 'He Stopped Loving Her Today' by George Jones. The song was recorded on this day (February 6) back in 1980. It was CMA Song of the Year two years in a row -- not a lot of songs have done that.

It just got us to thinking about sad country songs. We put together this list -- the perfect songs when you just need to shed a tear in your beer.

George Jones -- He Stopped Loving Her Today

I bet there have been more tears shed to this song than any other song in country music history.

Hank Williams Jr. and Hank Williams Sr. -- There's a Tear in My Beer

Check out this video -- it was pretty revolutionary for its time. One of the first where they combined new and classic footage into one music video, showing Jr. and Sr. singing side by side.

Skeeter Davis -- The End Of The World

We played this one back on December 21, at the end of the Mayan calendar. But lyrically, it's a really sad song -- about how the end of a relationship feels like the end of the world.

Travis Tritt -- Anymore

This was the first in a video trilogy -- the first where he plays a character named Mac Singleton, who's confined to a wheelchair after being injured in Vietnam.

Vince Gill -- Go Rest High On That Mountain

Gill wrote the song in honor of two people that had passed away -- one was his brother, who died of a heart attack in 1993, and the other was country singer Keith Whitley, who died in 1989.

Ricky Skaggs and Patty Loveless also contributed flawless harmonies to the tune.

Vern Gosdin -- Chiseled In Stone

Vern was known as "The Voice" -- I'm not sure where that originated, but he was so smooth and spot-on, it's not hard to imagine. It was the perfect country music voice for the types of songs that he did.

The lyrics are as strong as a garlic milkshake: "You don’t know about sadness till you've faced life alone/ You don’t know about lonely till it's chiseled in stone."