When you are looking for unique costume ideas for your children this Halloween, check out Pinterest first.  You may be surprised by the easy, and super cute idea that you will find there!

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    Candy Corn

    Try this super cute idea for your infant.  I think even I could make this costume.

  • 2

    John Deere Tractor Anyone?

    Whether you are a John Deere, Allis Chalmers, or Caterpillar tractor man, your can adjust your costume with a simple can of paint!

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    You Don't Want To See Me Angry!

    Talk about simple!  Green body paint and tattered clothes, and your child could become the Hulk.  But, a nice Hulk, if you don't mind!

    photo via dumpaday.com

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    Throw Back E. T. Costume

    This is really more for parents than for the kids, but it is a super cute costume.  Just find a red hoody and few simple props and your child, girl or boy, can become Elliott from E. T.

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    Yabba Dabba Do

    Want a great brother and sister costume idea?  Look no further than Bedrock.  LIttle Fred and Wilma are simple charming, and simple is the key word!