To get us in the mood to book our "Get Closer to the Ocean" cruise, I chose this song by Blackjack Billy!

Blackjack Billy is considered a country rock group composed of Rob Blackledge (vocals, guitar), Noll Billings (vocals), Jeff Coplan (electric guitar), Patrick Cornell (bass guitar) and Brad Cummings (drums). Based in Nashville, they describe their music as "Redneck Rock."  Their debut single, "The Booze Cruise," was independently released in March 2013.

Billy Dukes of Taste of Country gave "The Booze Cruise" four stars out of five, writing that "clever lyrics and a melody that grabs your attention like that hottie oiling up with sunblock make this an easy song to finish before you realize you’ve begun." The song was written by Noll Billings, Jeff Coplan and Chuck Jones on August 24, 2011. A writing session was set for that very hot summer day in Nashville, when Billings said that a fun way to spend that day would be to get on a booze cruise. The song was written in 45 minutes.

The song is available for download and here are the links:

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