I know this has nothing to do with me actually wanting it to rain but I thought the more we talked about it the better the chances of it actually raining. 

"Let It Rain" is a song co-written and recorded by David NailSarah Buxton sings backing vocals on the song. It was released in February 2011 as the first single from his album The Sound of a Million Dreams, which was released in November 2011. It is his third Top 20, second Top 10 and first Top 5 hit on Hot Country Songs. On the chart week of January 21, 2012, it became both Nail's and Buxton's first Number One hit.

Co-writer Jonathan Singleton, who also co-wrote Nail's 2009 single "Red Light", told the Taste of Country that they came up with the idea for the song while talking about movies that they enjoyed. They recalled a movie where "this guy cheats on his girlfriend, and he goes to her house and decides he’s going to sit on her porch until she lets him in." They said that they did not find the situation plausible and Singleton added, "If it was a southern girl or [David's wife] or my wife, the first thing they’d do is throw all our stuff on the porch with us." Instead of having the male narrator say "I deserve whatever I get, if she never talks to me again", Nail decided to have the character say "that I’m human just like everyone else and you mess up".

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