My niece Tierra was looking through the songs on my Google Play while we were driving to the rodeo Saturday night. She asked me "Aunt Nancy? Do you always buy the entire album?" and I told her "Yes, because you never know if you're missing a gem on the album. The record label decides what songs the artists are going to release to radio and sometimes they miss a few good ones."

I recently downloaded the album from Jon Pardi titled 'Write You a Song' . I have learned from downloading the entire album he has some great songs! I like his voice and his band is killer. I'm glad I downloaded the entire album.

"Missin' You Crazy" is included on his album Write You a Song, which was released on January 14, 2014. The song was written by Jon, Bart Butler and Monty Holmes.

Billy Dukes of Taste of Country gave the song three stars out of five, writing that "this song fails to leave its stamp on one’s emotions. Nothing lingers, and there’s no sense of urgency to hear it again." Matt Bjorke of Roughstock gave the song a favorable review, saying that "the vocals are strongly country and the production allows room for fiddle and steel guitars to be more than just background flavor."

If you would like to download the album (or just the song) here are the links: