This is Kristian Bush's second single that he has released from his Southern Gravity album. Southern Gravity was released on April 7, 2015 via Streamsound Records. The first song he released from the album was Trailer Hitch, which peaked at #25 on the country charts.Here is what our Taste of Country staff had to say about the song:

“Light Me Up” may serve as a litmus test for how country radio likes Bush as a solo artist. There was a lot of buzz and curiosity around the debut single, which did well. If country fans who aren’t Sugarland diehards want more of his voice, this song will too.

Why Fans Will Love It: “Light Me Up” is a straight-forward love song that uses atypical imagery to make a point.

Key Lyrics: “Like fireworks, gasoline on bonfires / The flash before a gun fires / No matter what you do / Yeah baby, you light me up”

Did You Know?: Bush’s Sugarland partner Jennifer Nettles has begun work on her second solo album, meaning the two will remain focused on solo careers for the foreseeable future.

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