Happy birthday, Luke Bryan! Luke is 38 today. So he is today's Daily Digital Download.

From CMT, a few things you may not know about Luke:

  • His first kiss was at the movie Big during the summer between sixth and seventh grade.
  • He loves a “vodka grapefruit” after his shows.
  • His pet peeve is when people show up late.
  • He thinks a high-end watch tells people “you mean business” even when you’re dressed way down.
  • He is self-conscious about his graying beard.
  • Movie theater popcorn is his guilty pleasure.
  • Polo and Stetson were his first colognes.
  • Starbucks Blonde Roast with hazelnut creamer is his go-to drink in the morning.
  • He and his son Bo, 6, dance to “Gangnam Style” in the bathroom.
  • Talking on his cell phone during dinner is his worst habit.
  • He is just handy enough. He can build stone walls out of paver bricks, pressure wash his driveway and fix a kitchen sink disposal.
  • Around his house, he wears an old robe from the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas.
  • He bought a used Maserati but already sold it. It wasn't a good fit with the gravel roads around his farm.

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