This song is off the Zac Brown Band's 'Foundation' CD. The lyrics are about a man that encounters a panhandler at a gas station. The lyrics are included in the video. I chose this song because I like the tempo and sound not necessarily the lyrics. 

The album includes five singles, starting with "Chicken Fried," which the band had previously recorded on its 2005 self-released album Home Grown. The song became a Number One country hit on the Billboard Hot Country Songs charts in December 2008.

Four further singles were released from the album — "Whatever It Is," "Toes," "Highway 20 Ride" and "Free" — the latter three of which were also Number One hits. Additionally, "A Different Kind of Fine" also entered the chart as an album cut from unsolicited airplay, where it reached number 55.

With all these number one songs you would think he would receive more awards or recognition by the various country music associations.

If you like "The Foundation" album as much as I do you can download it here: