Garth Brooks has finally announced that he is going back out on the road. A couple of days have past since he unveiled his news 'unscripted' on Good Morning America, and people are really accepting the fact that Garth might roll into their city.

Wouldn't it be cool if Garth added our great city of Lawton / Ft. Sill as a stop on his 2014 World Tour?

Why not? It could happen. It's on the way to one of the big city stops I am sure. Perhaps all we need to do is ask. So I put together this letter to Garth Brooks asking him to grace us with his presence. Who knows, after reading this letter maybe, just maybe, he will add Lawton to his tour.

Dear Garth,

I, along with all of the other on air personalities of Oklahoma's Best Country KLAW 101 and the entire city of Lawton/Ft. Sill, are very excited that you are going back out on tour. You have always been one of the core artists on our station, and of course, we are honored to have you as a fellow Okie.

Some people around here are already talking about how they will be going to see you wherever they can. They want to take their kids to the show and tell them how they saw you the 'first time,' and help them make the same great cherished memories of seeing a true country artist like you perform live.

We know that you are in the very early stages of this phenomenal tour, and we also know that every city in the United States would love the golden opportunity to have you perform in their neck of the woods at least once during your tour. Lawton, Oklahoma is no exception.

We would LOVE to have you stop here. You know we are a huge military city. Ft. Sill has a major following of country music and you could really have a large turnout if you were to add  our fine community to the tour.

We hope that we can make the cut. Your song 'Ain't Going Down Til The Sun Comes Up' is a perfect anthem of how our city would rally around you if you showed up!

Thank you Garth, for taking the time to think about this request.

On behalf of every country fan in Southwest Oklahoma, we hope you and your family have a blessed and Merry Christmas and a prosperous 2014.

Hope to see you in concert here soon!

Very Respectfully,

Clay Miller, Afternoons, KLAW 101

Well there you have it. A simple request that, if honored, would mean so much to so many people. Be sure to pass this letter around and it might just catch Garth Brooks' eye.

Also, leave a comment and 'sign' this letter if you want Garth to come to Lawton!

Watch Garth Brooks announce his world tour on Good Morning America: