Jennifer Nettles will release the deluxe edition of her album 'That Girl' to iTunes on Tuesday, August 12th. The deluxe version was originally a Target exclusive, and it's being released to other retailers next week.

When it was first released, Jennifer said she hoped fans would hear the album and discover she's a better songwriter that they had thought. "I feel the work that I've done with Sugarland I'm super proud of it and yet there are things that I wanted to prove to myself and to my fans." She added, "I hope that they listen to that and they get to hear a side of me that they hadn't before and it makes them like what I do as a performer that much more."

The deluxe edition includes two new songs, her current single "His Hands" and "Every Little Thing."

Luke Bryan will also release the deluxe edition of his double-platinum album, 'Crash My Party,' to iTunes on Tuesday. The deluxe version was also originally a Target exclusive, and it’s being released to other retailers next week.

One of the songs on the deluxe version is “Your Mama Should’ve Named You Whiskey,” and Luke explains the title says a lot about the song. “We all know how rough whiskey can be on you, and obviously this guy is getting pretty burned by her,” he says. “It’s cool, really cool song. I love the style. It’s kinda got that classic verse, and then when the chorus kicks in, it’s just big ole in your face rock, then it drops down to that cool, loping, kinda chilled out dancing cheek-to-cheek thing. I love it top to bottom.”

Luke's release includes four new tracks; the above mentioned "Your Mama...," "What It Is With You," "Sunburnt Lips" and "Better Than My Heart."