Marty Robbins always had a heart for 'Cowboy' music.  He wrote the song 'El Paso', but it was too long for most radio play at just over 4 minutes.  The song included a Spanish guitar and had a full Tex-Mex feel. It's out KLAW Classic for Today!

In 1976 Robbins released another reworking, "El Paso City", in which the narrator is on an airplane over El Paso and remembers a song he had heard "long ago", proceeding to summarize the original "El Paso" story. "I don't recall who sang the song", he sings, but he feels a supernatural connection to the story: "could it be that I could be the cowboy in this mystery", he asks, suggesting a past life. This song was a country number one. The arrangement includes riffs and themes from the previous two El Paso songs. Robbins wrote it while himself flying over El Paso.