Facebook was littered with funny little stories on the 1st of April.  Did you get in on the fun as well?  I read somewhere some women announced they were expecting, some friends were adopting a child from China; another said that he had rechecked his lottery ticket and had actually won!  He even posted a Photoshopped picture of his lottery ticket. Even Shotgun Steve Kelly got in on it and posted that he had gotten married!  He even posted a photo of a hand with a wedding ring on it.  There were a few exclamations on that post!   I thought I would get in on the fun and I posted that David and I had gotten into a fight over my horses and we were now getting a divorce.  (Having an argument over horses is not far from the truth!).  A few people fell for it but not many!

How about you?  Did you get in on the April Fool's Day Fun?  What tricks did you pull?