I totally have a routine that I follow every morning. If I don't follow that routine every day I feel a little off - Did I forget to do something? Did I feed everyone? Did I unplug my curling iron? 

I take out all of my products (makeup case, hair products, moisturizers, curling iron, etc) before I get in the shower. Once I've used it, I put it back in the cabinet so I know 'that's done'.

I have to do "chores" every morning as well.  Feed the dogs, the cats, the heifers and my horse.  If I don't do it in that order I'm afraid that I will have missed someone.

I drive to work the same way every day. Some mornings are more stressful then others (but that is an entirely different story).

When I get into the studio I have to pull out the yellow highlighter, a pen, a pencil and an eraser and lay them to the side while I'm reading to prepare for going on the air. As I was pulling everything out this morning I thought "Is this weird? Am I the only one that does something like this?"  I know, that's kind of weird but I can't be the only one that has to have a certain pen to start their day...am I?  I do my radio shift and "other various duties as apparent or assigned" and I head home.

I feed the heifers and the horse again before I sit down for the evening.  If I sit down first I won't get back up.

Do you have a routine that you follow in the morning?