I am sure that you have had the occasional bad picture taken, or have been in a photo that you didn't like, but what do you do when your biggest day ever is captured for life... and the pictures suck? This Irish couple is now demanding their money back because the pictures were beyond bad! And we have to agree with the 'newlyweds'!

The Irish Examiner recently published a story about a couple who hired not one but two photographers to capture their wedding day, but when the newlyweds got the pictures the results were beyond disastrous!

  • A photo of the couple signing the marriage register with a mysterious hand in the background holding a toy motorcycle (which was Anneka's 3-year-old nephew)
  • Shots of the bride and groom walking through the door with cardboard boxes in the foreground
  • A shot of the entire family posed on steps with a child's head popping up at the bottom of the photo
  • A shot of friends and family toasting the couple -- no faces are seen, just the back of heads

... The photographers would love to refund their money, but the firm went out of business after paying off a string of disgruntled customers."

I am a photographer, and although I hate to admit it, I have had two wedding shoots that were disasters!  Lighting seems to always be my problem, but I have had the rare head cut off, or backs of head shots.  How about you?  Do you have the worst wedding pics ever?  We want to see them! You can send them to pics@klaw.com