Driving to Oklahoma City on Saturday night, this song came on the radio. I told David I really liked the sound of Eric Church's new song 'Give Me Back My Hometown', it has a sort of 'Celtic' sound to it. I like it up to about half way through, then the sound turns odd to me.  Eric just released the music video for the song and even he has a hard time  following the story line.

In one scene, people are gathered around a grave at a funeral, and then it cuts to an evil-looking woman threatening another woman while sitting at a table full of money. There's a guy wielding a gun at the end of the video, too. So, what does it all mean? Even Eric himself has no clue what's going in the video.

He admits, "I don't understand it either. It's one of those things that we're filling in."

Eric plans to stay with these characters and reveal more of their stories in the upcoming videos from his album, The Outsiders, which is due out February 11th.