It’s going to happen “somehow, someway,” Taylor Swift tells Marie Claire on her bucket list priority, “Get a college degree.”

Swift, 23, has seven Grammy Awards, 12 Billboard Awards and Forbes puts her net worth at more than $200 million, but according the the magazine’s “What’s On” column, Taylor wants a diploma.

“What’s On,” asks celebrities about what is on their mind, headstones, screen savers and even nightstands. The “We Are Never Getting Back Together” singer also divulges who’s on her S**t List -- “Exes,” naturally, after dating John Mayer, Jake Gyllenhaal and Harry Styles.

Being an international music sensation also lends itself to traveling, which means hotel rooms. Swift admits that she can’t stop thinking about why, “the remote in my hotel room won’t work,” and that one of her favorite foods is “room service.”

The country princess, who as of late has gotten into acting in films like Valentine’s Day and shows like The New Girl, isn’t afraid of the big screen, but lists sea urchins and getting arrested as two of her biggest fears.

What is on your bucket list?