Facebook is so popular. Everyone, or,  almost everyone, has a page, and share their lives with us everyday, from "what's for lunch?", to the heartache after a break-up, or the loves of their lives.

What happens when the camera comes out? Do you duck under the nearest table, or do you just grin and bear it? According to new research from The Center for Eating Disorders, Facebook users are more self conscious because the constantly see pictures of themselves.

Thirty-two percent said they felt "sad" when comparing Facebook photos of themselves to their friends' photos. And the survey goes on to say that Facebook users feel the need to be "camera ready" at all times.

I, for one, really prefer to be the one behind the camera. I love to take lots of pictures of all my friends and put them up for everyone to see. It never occurred to me that I may be making them uncomfortable by doing that! So, I decided to ask for myself!

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