It's December, which means it's flu season. So if you get hit by the bug, here are five dates you can do even if one or both of you are sick. 

Movie Night

It's the simplest thing in the world: all you need is a movie, comfortable pajamas, some blankets, and hot tea. And a big bowl of popcorn to top it off.

  Make Soup from Scratch

Hot soup is great when you're sick, but the canned stuff is loaded with sodium. So if one of you isn't sick, they could try making it from scratch for the one who is. Don't be afraid to try a favorite from their past. They will be pleasantly surprised that you thought enough about them to give it a try.

  Binge Watch a TV Show

If there are a bunch of episodes piled up on your DVR, take the day and binge watch all of them. Or if you have Netflix, try getting into a totally new show. You can easily power through the first season or two in a day. Or maybe, catch up on some really old shows that you know are taking up space on that DVR to make room for newer shows from the holidays.

  Play Games

Get your fireplace going or light some candles and bust out some board games. If you're feeling up to it, end the night with strip poker. Or not. Just don't try Twister with the flu. You are already achy enough without all of the extra bending.

  Get Steamy

Treat each other to a hot shower or bubble bath. The steam will help clear your stuffy nose. And as an additional bonus, you'll be naked together. So maybe there is an upside to being sick together.

Do you have any thing that you do when you are sick or when you are taking care of your husband / wife, boyfriend / girlfriend, or significant other?

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