If you have ever driven on or near Fort Sill at 5pm, you may have noticed something out of the ordinary. 

Off course that is only if you are a civilian and have never experienced the Honors Retreat; the daily retiring of the flag ceremony.  'It only takes seconds to honor your Nation's flag', that's the message from MG Mark McDonald as he asks motorists on Fort Sill to stop their cars when they hear the bugler play the retreat.

Other items in the weeks Fort Sill Update include:

  • Change of Responsibility for Air Defense School
  • Commanders vs Comand Sergeants Major Softball Game Tournament Scheduled for Saturday August 25
  • 2012 US Army Soldier Show, August 28, 7pm
  • Red Cross Volunteer Laurel Christiansen honored for completing 126.15 hours of volunteer service.
  • Basic Combat Training Graduations August 24
  • Reminders about safety in School Zones.

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