If you think it's hot in Southwest Oklahoma in June, you should try Columbus, Georgia, or more specifically, Fort Benning's Parade Field.

Ft. Benning Graduation

That's the location for my son's graduation from Basic Training/AIT.  By all obvious indications, it looked to be a beautiful morning.  Blue skies, and a moderate temperature at 84 degrees; you would think that it would be the perfect day for a graduation.  Wrong!  What we didn't count on was the humidity!  When people say, "yes it's hot, but it's a dry heat", I usually roll my eyes and laugh, but honestly, I am now a believer!  The air was so thick, and after only a few minutes we were all covered in a layer of perspiration.  I can't even imagine how much hotter the soldiers were, standing in formation as their leaders spoke of jobs well done.

We were at Fort Benning, Georgia  for the graduation of my only son Tyler.  What an inspiration he has been to me.  He enlisted in the Army last year as his future was imagined to be very different.  Still, with all of the changes that he has gone through, he has faced each challenge with such maturity for a man so young.  Yes, I am a proud Momma.  And, now a proud Army Momma!  The graduation was moving, eventhough we could hear very little of the speaches (Note to Fort Benning:  a few more speakers pointing to the bleachers would be nice!) What I couldn't hear with my ears, I heard with my heart.  My boy, my only son was no longer my "little boy".  He was a highly trained Tanker Crewman.  I am so happy to be able to share in this chapter of his life, and glad that I can share it with you as well.


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