All last week radio people and Garth Brooks fans alike were kept intrigued by ominous announcements coming from Garth and his camp that "the wait is over...7/7."

Well, 7/7 (today) came and we did get word from Garth and his people, that he would be making a big announcement...on Thursday. The native Oklahoman took to his website early Monday to announce a press conference taking place Thursday at 11am CDT. Many believe it will be the announcement of a new album (Garth hasn't released an album of completely new material since 2000's Scarecrow). Brooks released an 8 disc box-set in November Blame It All On My Roots, which covered material from his 9 studio albums and his live album. Prior to that, it was 2007's The Ultimate Hits (which featured 3 new tracks) and 2005's The Lost Sessions.

While many think the announcement will tell about a new album, others are leaning towards a world tour. But that cat has already been let out of the bag by Brooks himself when he announced to Robin Roberts on Good Morning America that he had talked about it with his daughters and that "Ms Yearwood is fine with it." And of course if there is a new album, a world tour will most likely follow. With Brooks' recent problems in Dublin, Ireland (Dublin town officials refused to approve permits for the final two of Garth's planned 5 shows in the city), maybe he's set to announce a boycott on Guinness.

Either way, Brooks fans are sure to be ecstatic at the coming announcement, if and when it gets here. Could all this smoke coming from Garth's camp really just be a hype-building device to stir up interest in that world tour? I guess we will find out on Thursday.

Chris Gaines could not be reached for comment.