Tyler Farr may get a little "Redneck Crazy" on stage performing for his fans, but he's much more sedate during his off time. Now that summer is bearing down on Nashville, Tyler admits he'd just as soon stay indoors where it's nice and cool. He says, "I keep my AC pretty cold, so there’s been a lot of watching some Duck Dynasty videos in the house and drinking-cold-beer moments."

When the weather isn't so hot and humid, Tyler likes to get out and fish and play golf. He's set to take part in his buddy Colt Ford's golf tournament this fall, and Tyler has been hitting the links quite a bit for practice. "I don’t want to be the guy that’s hitting caddies with balls and hitting them on roofs and stuff," Tyler says, "so I’ve been trying to perfect my golf swing, but it’s still a ways away."

Tyler is very happy with the music on his debut album, Redneck Crazy. It hits stores October 15, featuring the hit title track.