I have to admit it.  I am a lousy saver.  Especially when I am confronted with the knowledge that you should have 6 months of expenses set back for emergencies.

You know, the rent, the car payment, utilities, food.  All of those things that you just can't live without in case you or your spouse should lose a job.

According to Bankrate, a financial website, one in three Americans do not have enough savings in their Emergency stash to survive in the event of a life changing event. However, they do offer some strategies to build your emergency fund:

  1. Autopilot saving and bill pay
  2. After paying off debt, keep paying yourself
  3. Enforce 24-hour rule on impulse buys
  4. Leave the credit cards at home
  5. Plan ahead, budget for fun
  6. Make things 'interest'-ing
  7. Learn to save short-term splurges
  8. Reward yourself
  9. Remove the temptation
  10. Treat it like a friend
  11. Keep them separated
  12. Enjoy compounding for a change
  13. Treat it like taxes

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