OK, it may sound funny now but at the time, not so much!

David was running late from work, called me and asked me to check to see if there were any cows that were marked.  So, I grabbed a cold beer and my cell phone and headed out to the barn.  There were a few cows up by the gate that had clearly been marked by the bull (this, by the way, is another story for another time).  I called David and told him I would let them into the lot.  I was proud of myself!  He said he would be home shortly.

I sat and watched the cows for awhile as I drank my beer.  Well, it was getting dark and cold and time to head back to the house.  I turned to open the gate so I could leave the barn and the stupid yearling bulls were right there!  They wouldn't let me out!  5 of them!  Of course wanting into the lot where I just put the cows!  I tried calling David to let him know I was stuck in the barn.  No answer!  Now what?  It's cold, it's getting dark and I'm out of beer!