Political leanings aside, Hillary Scott of Lady Antebellum is committed to praying for whichever presidential candidate wins this November's election -- even if she isn't a fan.

The singer recently sat down with CMT, and the discussion quickly turned to politics -- but not the sort of political discussion you dread at family get-togethers; rather, Scott was funny, honest and, most of all, kind. As it turns out, the singer has gotten a little taste of what it's like to be running for president lately: "I've been tweeted at so terribly with people accidentally thinking -- or searching for the first Hillary to come in the search bar, and I guess I must be right up there with Hillary Clinton," she explains.

"There are people who love me accidentally, and there's people who really don't. So it's been kind of funny," Scott continues. "Some of them area really inappropriate, so I can't re-tweet them, but I'm very tempted to. People are passionate, man."

Scott's passionate about something, too: Praying for her leaders.

"I was told and taught very, very early on in my life to pray for your leaders. Just like anybody you pass walking down the street, you have no idea what burdens other people are carrying around," she explains. "I just think choosing kindness is never a bad decision. And choosing to pray for your leaders, whether you agree or disagree with their policy, is important because we're all human beings first."

Scott and her family recently released a faith-based album, Love Remains; the project is available for purchase on Amazon and iTunes.

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