This is my dog Cooper.  Cooper spends all day with Jackson, my other Yorkie.  They lay around on the sofa and listen to KLAW 101.  I think Cooper spends the time plotting his next escape.  From the time Cooper was 6 weeks old, he has been getting out.  As you can see from the picture, I have tried everything to block holes in my chain link fence.  I have used little fences, bricks, wood, zip ties, and even landscaping stones.  I thought that I had every  conceivable exit covered, but night before last, while I was cooking diner, he got out.  Now when Cooper gets out, he thinks it's a game.  "Let's see how far Mom will chase me!"  I am not digging it.  He always comes home too, but not before I am frantic from looking for him and walking 3-6 blocks.  His name is Cooper, but I think we can safely refer to him as Houdini Dog.

Do you have an escape artist dog?  What do you suggest I do to keep the little hoodlum in my yard?