Negotiation is a fine art and one many of us either relish or dread.  I'm firmly in the latter camp and would rather give you $2 than haggle down to $1.75.  I, however, have learned some wonderful negotiation skills from my sweet husband who is THE MASTER at the good deal.

In our first six years of marriage, I stayed in the room and sweated the negotiations and usually would panic and start working with the sales person against my husband.  My empathy usually drove my husband nuts (to the point that I now willingly and graciously exit the room and go have coffee while he haggles).  Even though I don't do the negotiation, I've learned some great tips to help you get the best deal possible at our event.

POINT 1:  Some Things Are Not Negotiable and that is ok.  Sometimes, the seller will not settle a different price.  In those cases your options are to smile, say thank you and walk away or pay the stated price.  If you really want it (or they really want to sell it) you'll come to an agreement.

POINT 2:  Fair Price is A Real Thing and sometimes your low-ball offer is more of an insult than a starting point.  If you start just below the price you believe to be the fair price, you'll close the deal faster and you'll be happy with the transaction.

POINT 3:  No Insults -- Ever.  Even if you see something that is less than great condition, it might really mean something to the person selling it.  You don't know the emotional meaning tied to the item, so treat each item with kindness.  Even if you don't want it, doesn't mean it's not important or meaningful to someone else.

POINT 4:  Say It With A Smile and you'll always win, whether or not you close the deal.

So, whether it's the baby changing table or the antique milk jug, you'll have fun and just might walk away with something you'll LOVE!