David and I had a nice weekend with friends. We attended the Iron Cowboy II at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington. (I know it's called CowboyS stadium because David corrected me every time I said Dallas Stadium). We had a great time at the event and spent the night at a hotel in Arlington. On Sunday morning we got up, got dressed and packed back up to return home. We decided it would be nice to stop for breakfast and enjoy some quiet time talking and getting caught up. (The evening was pretty loud and exciting.).

We decided on an IHOP just a block or two from the hotel. We sat down, received our drinks and ordered our breakfast. It arrived and we began to enjoy the meal and the conversation and that's when it started. Some Mother thought it was hilarious that her two girls were SCREAMING at each other. Literally making a loud AUGH noise long and loud I might add and then laughing because it was funny! NOT FUNNY! Luckily I was on the inside of the booth, David would not let me out so that I could speak to the Mother and tell her that although THEY may find it funny they were ruining EVERYONE elses breakfast!

So, are you the type to allow your children to act as they would at home in a restaurant or do you request that they maintain some sort of decorum? If you were in the same situation would you have said something to the Mother or to the Manager? Just asking!