When it comes to hot breakfast cereal, I am a Cream of Wheat kind of girl.  I do so love the smell of Oatmeal, and if you mix it up as a batch of cookies, I am totally in.  But when faced with the choice of hot cereals, Cream of Wheat always wins.

Do you remember the Cream of Wheat commercial where a cereal bowl would follow kids and grown ups around all day proving that the warmth of Cream of Wheat would follow you all day?  I tried and tried to find a copy of it on the internet but failed.  I wanted to use it to prove my point that Cream of Wheat is just really the best hot cereal!  It's is also pretty good calorie wise.  100 calories per serving.  Another win!

How about you?  Let's set the scene, brutally cold day, spitting ice, and you want someting to warm you up.  What are you going to choose, Oatmeal or Cream of Wheat?