There have been a lot of discussions about the drought lately.  Is it global warming?  Is it a shift in the polar axis?  Not according to Chris Hill from Australia, it's as "clear as day" what is causing the drought.

We can make fun of this article, does he really think that the drought has been caused by the "extra hour of sunlight that daylight savings brings"?  But the reality is, we are in a drought and what can we do to conserve water and energy during this awful weather reality?

According the the Red Cross here are some things we can do to prepare and conserve:

  • Never pour water down the drain when there is another use for it.  Use it to water the plants indoors or out that are dying of thirst.
  • Ensure that your home is leak free.  Fix those dripping faucets and running toilets.

For even more great ideas on water conservation you can read their "Preparing for Drought" article.

The other thing that the drought brings is the wildfires!  I have been watching the news every night and every evening they have another story about someone who has lost everything to the wildfires that have devastated our state.  From those that had no insurance and have no idea what they are going to do to those that are going to rebuild.  I watched a story last night where the couple had lost everything and a local minister brought them a brand new bible.  They were so grateful for this new beginning they all stood in a circle and prayed.  It was very touching.  Continuous coverage of the wildfires in Oklahoma can be found at

Here are some words of advice from our Governor Mary Fallin:

For more on what you can do to prevent a wildfire in your area visit the Oklahoma Forestry Services website.