The Title says it all, Is There Such A Thing As Too Many Christmas Lights?  My wife is one who would love to have every tree, fence, eve, post, and window filled with decorative Christmas lights. But is there really the chance of having too many?

I hate to be the 'Grinch', well not really but, YES you can have too many Christmas lights!

Let alone the safety issues that come with endless strings of plug ins/electrical extension chords and the fact that no ones house is wired to handle the power needs of the entire Empire State Building, they look just plain gawdy!  There comes a point that is just simple overkill, a tree, a window, and maybe a yard ornament... that is the extent of a 'tasteful' Christmas decorating.

Less is more when it comes to Christmas decorating.  All hate mail can be emailed to .....LOL just joking.