It is not even Halloween, but I am already making plans for Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving is one of my favorite Holidays. Of course, I love food, but it's the time with the family that makes Thanksgiving so special at my house.

For years, my whole family gathered at my Moms.  Now, my Mom doesn't remember so well. We remember for her.  We've had to make different arrangements, but we will be together at my Sister's house, the weekend before Thanksgiving. Every family gathering is more and more precious.  Who says that we have to be traditional?  I kind of like the idea of two Thanksgivings, one with all of my brothers and sisters and their families, and one on Thanksgiving Day with my kids and loved ones. My Military son is not going to make it to Christmas this year, so this Holiday will be even more special spending time with him before he deploys to Africa in December.

I always end the evening watching my very first Christmas movie of the season, 'White Christmas'.  My kids consider it my 'Mom torture'!

What Thanksgiving traditions do you HAVE to follow? Do you celebrate only on Thanksgiving Day, or all weekend long?