While Turkey does contain Tryptophan, a natural sedative, I have found that it's not so much the Turkey, nor over indulgence that brings me to a lazy Thanksgiving afternoon. The item that puts me to sleep the fastest on Thanksgiving day tends to not be something that I eat, rather something that I watch, the Television.A typical Thanksgiving afternoon for me goes like this, a two hour drive to my wife's' parents home, the typical waiting on one or two late family members, an over abundance of food, conversation about much of nothing, the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, and then Football.

When you put all of this together you come up with the perfect combination for a lazy afternoon of nothingness.  The Television is the breaking point for me though, I cannot resist the tubes power to cast a spell of uncontrollable zzzz's.

I blame it on the programming available on this day of thankfulness, there is absolutely nothing that is interesting.

So you now know, if you want me out of the conversation turn the television on and I am finished.

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