I suppose I could say that because of the creative nature of our jobs that our topics are intelligent and compelling. However, Friday afternoon’s conversation at the radio station ran the gamut from Grandbabies (mostly me), to bad TV shows (Baywatch), to what’s on our playlists on our phones. 

You might be surprised to learn that my playlist is NOT made up entirely of country music!  Gasp!  I do have a healthy share of George Strait, Luke Bryan, Jake Owens, but my song list also includes Tony Bennett, Leona Lewis, and a collection of Barry Manilow.

This is where our conversation gets interesting.  Who knew there were so many Barry Manilow fans in one place?  Of the 4 of us in the office on Friday, 3 of us are huge Fanilows, and the other is just too young to appreciate the brilliance of Barry!

My favorite songs from Barry Manilow tend to run on the sad side.  I am not sure what it is that I love about sad songs, but he is a master at the sad, sad ballads.  Sure he has the happy ones too, like Copacabana, but my guilty pleasures are the sad ones.  Lyrically these songs say what I am never clever enough to come up with at that opportune moment.   Like the song ‘Ships’, “We're two ships that pass in the night we both smile and we say, “It's alright”.  Or one of my favorites “But somewhere down the road our roads are gonna cross again, it doesn't really matter when, but somewhere down the road I know that heart of yours will come to see that you belong with me”.  These songs are a license to cry!  And after all, don’t we all just need a good cry every once in a while?