You would be really surprised by the wisdom that comes from my Mom's refrigerator!

Mom is getting a new fridge this morning, so last night we were cleaning out old stuff and taking off all of the magnets and pictures and news clippings.  When I cam across this, clipping, I knew that it was a sign from God that I am on the right track for my New Year's Resolution to focus on God.

You know that line in the Rodney Atkins song 'Watching You', that says, 'He was talking to God like he was talking to a friend'?.  That's the way I feel about prayer, I pray as I go on my way each day.  Whisper a prayer in the morning, and all throughout the day.  I pray for my friends, and for my family and for those who are hurting.

I do so love the ideas for more ways and opportunities to pray listed in the little clipping from my Mom's fridge:

'How Prayer can be incorporated into your everyday lifestyle

The average day offers many opportunities for quiet thought and prayer.  In addition to a separate time set apart for prayer at home, you can make prayer a constant part of your life.

  • Turn off your car radio on your way to work, school, or errands.  Have a short talk with God.  If you see a stranded motorist or a fender bender, pray for those involved.
  • Pray before meals not only at home, but also in restaurants.  Bowing for a quick prayer before your burger and fries can make a big impression on those around you.
  • If your day involves tasks you can do without really thinking about them, communicate with God while you do them.
  • When you listen to your favorite music, thank God for the gift of musical expression and for the talent of the people who produced it.
  • After hanging up the phone, pray for the person to whom you were speaking.
  • The news is always an inspiration for prayer.  If you see, hear, or read a story about violence, flooding, political unrest, or other issues, pray for the victims and their communities.

REMEMBER, a prayer has no minimum time limit.  Prayer can be intense or light, long or short, sorrowful or joyful.  God is your friend, talk with Him often.'

Wisdom taken from my Mom's Refrigerator. I have no idea where it came from or how long it was displayed there or who gets the credit.  I only know that it was put there for me today.