I have been a huge fan of Faith Hill for years.  From 'Wild One' to the bluesy 'There Will Come A Day' to her monster hit 'Breathe', Faith Hill has star power.  This was a much tougher task than I had originally thought, picking my 5 favorite Faith songs, but here goes.  I am not putting them in any particular order since I love so many more songs than just these 5.

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  • Let Me Let Go

    Who can resist Faith's soul wrenching song, 'Let Me Let Go'? It was included in the soundtrack for one of my favorite movies, 'Message in a Bottle'.  Add the background vocals with Oklahoma's Vince Gill, and you have pure Faith Hill magic!

  • Where Are You Christmas?

    This song has always been very personal to me.  My daughter, Whitney and her best friend Jeannine love the movie, 'The Grinch'.  We tease about one of them being Cindy Lou Who, who sings the song in the Movie.  Well, Faith sings it at the end, and every time Whitney and I hear this song we think of Jeannine who now lives in California.  We text her and just say 'Where are You Christmas?' and she knows that we are thinking of her.

  • The Way You Love Me

    I don't think it's any secret that I love ballads, and Faith Hill is so masterful at singing those ballads.  But I am also a fool for lyrics, and when I heard the first line of this song, I was hooked. "If I could grant you one wish I'd wish you could see the way you kiss."  Truth be told, I have used that line before!  Don't tell~

  • Come Home

    While Faith Hill has taken a break from main stream country music, opting instead for being Mom to her and Tim McGraw's 3 daughters, just a few years ago, Faith recorded a new album, and debuted the first single at the Country Music Awards in 2011.

  • There You'll Be

    'The Grinch'  and 'Message in a Bottle' weren't the only movies that Faith Hill lent her voice to.  The was the tiny little epic movie, 'Pearl Harbor'. Here you'll hear the theme from that movie, 'There You'll Be.'