While I was compiling my Top 5 list last week of my Favorite New Country Songs, Frank Seres asked be about the absence of my favorite country singer of all time, George Strait. Well, my response was that he is always my favorite, but he didn't have a new song at the moment.  He really got me to thinking though, what would be my favorite George Strait Songs? I will number them, but again, they are all my top 5 favorites!

No. 1 - The Cowboy Rides Away

If you have ever been to a King George concert, you know that this is the song that he sings to end his show.  I have very personal feelings about this song as well.  I left the Morning Show after 6 years on the air with KLAW, and after the final farewell, I  got to say "And for the final time, It's David, Jeri and George Strait with 'The Cowboy Rides Away'."  I think I cried for about fifteen minutes after that song played.

No. 2 - Carried Away

It's every girls fantasy to have a love like this!  I know it's real.  I have seen it in some of my best friends.  But no one says it like George Strait!

No. 3 - I Can Still Make Cheyenne

Cowboys!  You have to love them!  They will love you like no other, but if you're leaving, well, "if I hurry I can still make Cheyenne".   Maybe the rodeo wins out this time.

No. 4 - Marina Del Rey

Another sad song, but can't you just hear the beach?  I just love how it brings up so many memories of walking along the beach and endless Summers!

No. 5 - Living for the Night

The first line in this song  kills me everytime I hear it.  "Everyday is a lifetime without you, hard to get through since you've been gone."  Heartbreak at it's finest.  My second favorite line, "Whiskey kills the man you've turned me into, and I come alive." So powerful!


Ok, so my top 5 may have left off some of your favorites.  Mine too.  I want to give honorable mentions to these 5 songs as well, they are all great and some of my very favorites.  The Chair, So Much Life My Dad, You
Can't Make A Heart Love Somebody, Amarillo by Morning, and Today My World Slipped Away, all deserve to be on a list of their own.  Maybe Jeri Anderson's Second Favorite 5 Songs by George Strait?

Did I leave off any that you would have added?  What is your favorite George Strait song of all time?