This morning, Frank put together a post on the saddest cry-in-your-beer country songs and it was a total downer. So I sat down and put together the happiest country songs, the ones that make you smile.

So consider this my official response to Frank. Put on a smile, and check out my six happy country songs:

Darius Rucker -- Wagon Wheel

This is actually a cover song. My girlfriends and I sang this song incessantly on our way to baseball training camp two years ago -- it's an awesome road-trip song, too.

Small bit of trivia: Much of the song was actually originally written by Bob Dylan!

Buddy Jewell -- Help Pour Out the Rain

This song makes me cry and makes me smile at the same time. When he won Nashville Star, he was so overwhelmed he was crying, so he's singing this song and it's so beautiful and he's crying, it was just so sweet.

Here's the version of the song Buddy sang at the CMAs back in 2003:

George Strait -- The Chair

This is the song you can recognize from the first three songs, and it always makes you smile.

George Strait is the king of country and my favorite of all time. This is my favorite country song.

Alan Jackson -- Drive

Oh, oh. It's all about him and his daughters – a daddy and his girls. It's about relationships, and family relationships are very important to me. (Though teaching my daughter to drive wasn't nearly as much fun as that.)

Garth Brooks -- Friends in Low Places

This is the ultimate singalong.

I used to live in Austin, so when he's talking about the Oasis, that old spot in Autin pops into my mind.

Florida George Line -- Get Your Shine On

This is like, the classic spring break beach song. It just makes you smile; it's just a happy, happy song.

My sister has a beach house in Galveston, and I'm going for spring break!

What happy song makes you smile?