I took a little trip last week.  Well, not really little.  Galveston took my friend and I ten hours of driving.  Good conversation is a must, but you have to have the tunes to get you through all that driving.  Here are my top 5 road trip songs!

  • 1

    All Summer Long

    Not quite Summer, but the sentiment is surely there!

  • 2

    Drink to That All Night

    I was not sure I was going to like this song when it first came out, but it is so easy to sing to in the car!

  • 3

    Little Bit Stronger

    Yes, I had to include a sappy Girl song...after all, I am a girl!  Love Sara's voice on this one!

  • 4

    Don't Say Forever

    I know.  It's not quite what you would think of as a driving song, but, again, I refer to the fact that I am a girl!  I am in love with this song.  Love the growl in Aaron Lewis's voice, and I love a happy ending!

  • 5


    If you are looking for a cool funky beat, this song is it!  'Love is Stupid' should be a theme song for me!  This is just fun to sing, even if you just keep repeating the hook...'Love is Stupid'!