The K-LAW 101 Saturday Classic takes us back to 39 years ago today - October 20th, 1973.

It was written and recorded by a young man who was born and raised in Sabinal, TX. In 1969, he and some friends got in trouble for stealing and barbecuing a goat. While serving he jail sentence for that a Texas Ranger overheard him singing in his jail cell and told a local concert promoter about him. That led to him performing at a local tourist attraction called Alamo Village, where he came to the attention of Tom T. Hall and Bobby Bare - and the rest is history.

Johnny Rodriguez has had 6 career #1 songs. The 1st came in June of 1973 - 'You Always Come Back To Hurting Me'. That was followed by the song that topped the charts 39 years ago today. The video below has Tom T. Hall introducing Johnny as he sings 'Ridin My Thumb To Mexico'.