I was amazed when I read the statistic that one in eight baby boomers will develop Alzheimer's Disease!  That's most of us folks!  Now is the time to stop this mind robbing disease.

Most of us know someone affected by Alzheimer's.  With me, it's my Mom.  She is the sweetest lady, but she cannot remember something that she did minutes ago.  As my family watches this disease progress, we watch my Mom lose more and more of herself.  It is something that I would never wish on anyone. That's why I became active in SW Oklahoma's Walk to End Alzheimer's and asked my co-workers to help as well.  Nacy Mace and I have a natural competition because we are the only girls on the here at the station.  We competed by Rocking for a Cure earlier this year.

Whitney Heinz

Now, we have a chance for you to help us too.  We are offering 'Dinner With The DJ's', a special dinner with all of the on-air personalities, here at the radio station for the highest bidder and up to 5 guests!  The Morning Crew, Nancy Mace, Critter and Trey from Z94, want you to have dinner with us!  We would like to start the bidding at $25, and will take bids through Midnight on November 1st so we can announce the winner on Friday morning.


Won't you help us raise money to fight this life robbing disease?  You can place your bid here, or on our Facebook page.  We will be up against our sister stations, Z94, and My107.  If you would prefer to make a donation to our team, visit www.swokwalk.com, and look for Townsquare Media.