The six finalists from the Kids Inc. Facebook contest set up shop at Lawton's Central Mall in Center Court.  These young businessmen and women came prepared to make money, as they showed their wares and demonstrated maturity beyond their years as they sold their creations.  Lets' meet the Shop-Keepers!

Camie's Confections is operated by  13 year old Camilla Lim.  Camie has always helped her Mom with the cooking and baking.  A hobby that they both love.  She acutally mixes, measures, bakes and creates her recipes, including the Strawberry Frosting recipe for the Strawberry filled cupcakes.

Dazzling Denim was created by Zoe Gallops.  She grew up in a family that was heavily into retail sales, and she caught the fever.  Zoe said "Plus, I have a history of ripping jeans!."  But it wasn't until she saw a post on Pinterest that she came up with the idea of creating useful objects from her ripped jeans.  She uses the pockets for pouches for coins or cosmetics, legs to create her special flip flops, and the seams are curled up to make coasters.

Maille Mall is a business made of rings.  Brothers Andrew and Xander Heimbrock first saw the idea at a Renaissance Fair, and they were hooked.  They took a couple of classes on how to work with the rings, and found more patterns, and have been making jewelry ever since.  They are busy creating unique jewelry every day.

Sticky Creations is owned by Jessica Collett.  Jessica loves the newest fads and wanted to have a part in creating her own fad.  She saw how many different designs there are for duct tape, and started creating.  She makes bows, bookmarks, belts, wallets, and much much more...from duct tape.

Rock Your Own Rock takes the pet rock a step further than what you may have seen in the past.  Vivian Dietrich helps her customers give their rocks a world of their own, including jewelry, hair, their own bling, a bed, and a home.  You choose how simple or spectacular your own pet can be.

Kate's Delectable Edible Memories is exactly what is sounds like; wonderful creations from recipes that Kate and her family grew up with.  Recipes that were handed down from Mother to Daughter to Granddaughter.  Kate began helping in the kitchen with her Mom at a young age and enjoys the time that she gets to spend with her Mom as the create memories of their own.

What a wonderful opportunity to meet some amazing kids with great heads for business!  They had a great time showcasing their business ideas and oh yes, they got to keep all the money that they made!

Do you have great business ideas?  How do you let your creativity out?