Coloring eggs and candy has become part of the Easter celebration. But recently I shared with Nancy Mace what really is important to me when it comes to Easter. I told her I wanted to teach my grand babies the religious side of the holiday.

I have a set of plastic Easter eggs called Resurrection Eggs that I share with my Sunday School on this holiday. These eggs are special because we mix two Easter traditions- finding eggs and telling the story of Christ, starting with the Last Supper all the way to the Empty Tomb. I have found a great do-it- yourself video for Resurrection Eggs. Now your family and you can make your owns!

For McKayla and  Lucas: Nana loves you so much and I want you to have so much fun each and every Easter of your life. But what Nana wants more than anything is for you to know Christ, and to know of the sacrifice that our Heavenly Father gave for us to have the life that we have. Nana wants you to know that the love that I have for both of you, no matter how big it is (And I love you to the Moon and Back!), it is nothing compared to the Love of God.

You are both too little to understand, but know that your Momma and Daddy and I will do our very best to tell you the stories of Jesus and Easter. Happy Easter to my Heart: Whitney and Tim, McKayla and Lucas, and to my soon to be Soldier, Tyler. I love you all so very much and am so blessed to have you as my family!

Who's in your Easter prayer?