Last year I was watching an episode of "Ellen" when she sent Amy (who is totally afraid of the dark) to dine in the dark.  It was hilarious to watch Amy jump and talk to people that weren't even there and scream for no reason at all.  I thought to myself I would really like to try that some time.

Ron Chapple Studios

Little did I know I would have the opportunity to do something similar to that right here in Lawton.  My friend Jennifer Whitehead from the Lawton Patriot Lion's Club asked me if I would attend their first "Dining in the Dark".  They were raising money for the Oklahoma Lions Eye Bank.  I had so much fun.  As I entered the building I was escorted into a side room and was blind folded.  I was led out into the main dining room and was seated at a table.  I had no idea who was at the table but as people were seated we began introducing ourselves.  We also had a blind dining guide at our table who helped us throughout the dining experience.

The food was amazing, the speaker very entertaining and after we took off our blind folds the table was a MESS!

The Lawton Patriot Lions Club is hosting another "Dining in the Dark" event on Saturday, February 23rd and I highly recommend you try it!  It's just $35 a ticket and not only will you have a great meal but know that you will be helping the Oklahoma Lions Eye Bank.  Proceeds from this event will assist them in their vital mission: timely provision of corneal tissues for sight-saving transplants.  OLEB is the only source in Oklahoma for corneal tissue and is one of the leading Eye Banks in the nation.

If you are interested in attending you may email Dr. Birdwell or call 580-678-1708 for tickets.  A company can sponsor an entire table for $500 or 1/2 table for $250.  It's a great way to get involved in things happening in our community and help out a great organization!

I'll be there!  Will you join me?