Looks like 'third time's a charm' did not hold true for Lawton's own Will Shields.  Shields, a veteran football player with the Kansas City Chiefs has been nominated the last two years as well for this honor.

Shields says he is Okay with the decision.

"It’s a great honor to be on that list," Shields said. "Me not getting in doesn’t tarnish anything that's been done over the 14 years of my career. It's still a positive thing. It's okay. There’s nothing I can do to change it. There are a lot of great guys that have played and had great careers on the field and some of them had great careers off the field. All I can say is I put my best foot forward and did everything I possibly could, on the field and off the field. My goal was to be the best teammate, the best player to always end up in the top-tier of what I did and then everything else falls into place after that. That’s sort of the way I looked at my career. Every day I stepped on the field, I wanted to be the best player I could be, on that day, and then after that, whatever happens, happens; I can’t control anything beyond that. I can control my little space, helping out my tackle or helping out my center, or those kind of things, and beyond that, I really can’t control the other pieces. I’ve done what I can do and I have to let the chips fall where they may."