The Number 1 Class 5A Soccer Team in the State of Oklahoma, The MacArthur Highlanders, saw their bid for a Soccer Gold Ball  come to an end last night.

The Deer Creek Men's Soccer team held off numerous threats on goal and won the match with a final score of  2-1.

My son Tyler was a Highlander.  He was the Goalkeeper for the 2007 team that went to the Semi-Finals.  Tyler and Assistant coach, Justin Cleland played soccer together since they were in kindergarten.

They had a great season that saw Cleland break the record for the most goals scored by ANY Highlander in the history of the soccer program.  The previous record was held by someone close to him, his brother and Head Coach for the Highlanders, Jared Cleland.

These coaches and former players are feeling again the sting of missing that elusive Gold Ball.  Would you say that they aren't successful?  Of course not!   Both Cleland brothers went on the play College Ball, and are now bringing the sport that they love back home by mentoring new talent both on and off the field.  Tyler is currently in basic training for his new career with the US Military.

How do you console the pain of last nights loss?  You don't.  You just have to know in your heart that this season was not a losing season.  A 12-2 record will justify that.  You also have to know that the talent that you showed on the field last night is just the beginning of the great things that you will do in this life.

'Hurt today; but tomorrow, get up and move on to the brightest future that is already waiting for you.'  And remember your days as Highlanders!  They will be some of the sweetest memories you will ever have!