What a difference a week makes. Last week the OSSAA ruled that Guthrie who was 10-0 and ranked number 1 in their district had a ineligible player. The penalty would cost them 8 of their wins of the season therefore making their record 2-8 which would make them ineligible for the playoffs. Guthrie then made their appeal Wednesday 11/9 at 9:00 am. After almost 4 hours of deliberation and 2 executive sessions the board overturned the punishment of the forfeiture of games thus allowing Guthrie back into the playoffs.

So what does that have to do with the Highlanders. Well a couple of things; for one after preparing for El Reno for the past several days for a Friday night match-up. The brackets have now changed forcing El Reno out of the playoffs and Deer Creek moving back down to the 4th position in their district and therefore our next opponent.

Deer Creek comes in with a record of 7-3 but has been practicing all this week to face Duncan. Now instead will have a short time to prepare for the fast paced Highlanders and a trip to Cameron stadium.

Big Mac had the choice of playing Friday or Saturday but with Lawton High playing Saturday night against Norman North, the Highlanders are content and ready to play Friday night. So the scene is set the season starts out with32 teams in 5-A and now only 16 remain.

It's week one in the playoffs. MacArthur against Deer Creek this Friday night at Cameron stadium 7:30pm. Steve Kelly and I will be broadcasting live. Let's all come out and support our boys for their quest for the gold ball, we will see you there.

Hoka Hey!