Have you heard Martina McBride's newest single, "Teenage Daughters"?  We just started playing it here at K-LAW 101. It's her first single on her new label - Republic Nashville, and it brings her three daughters ranging from 5 to 16 front and center.

MartinaMcBride.com says about the song:

"McBride’s “Teenage Daughters” (co-written by McBride and The Warren Brothers) has a universal theme of children coming of age and parents trying to survive their offspring’s transformation into adulthood while reflecting back to their own lost adolescence. While every adult has experienced these tumultuous teenage years – either from the teenager’s perspective, parent’s or both – this topic, told from both a mom and dad’s perspective, is a surprisingly unique and fresh angle for country music."

Here's what Martina says about the song:

“Almost everybody goes through it, so I’m not surprised when people tell me how much they relate to this song…even the dads who were ‘Prince Charming’ in their little girl’s world until she discovered boys. They all get it. This is every day life and it’s why I love country music – It touches us right at the heart of what we are feeling or dealing with on a daily basis.”

You can Read more of what Martina has to say about "Teenage Daughters" here.

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